TedxWinterPark Upcoming Event: Countdown. Ideas Meant To Change The World’

What can you do to change the world? TedxWinterPark is challenging Central Florida’s best and brightest to step up to the plate. Now more than ever, many people across the globe feel the call to enact change into motion. In fact, a recent Ipsos survey shows that there is a worldwide desire for significant change. In order to address this phenomenon, TedxWinterPark seeks to spark the flame and ignite ideas worth spreading. Our organization is excited to announce the TedxWinterPark upcoming event: ‘ Countdown. Ideas Meant to Change The World.’

When Does The Upcoming TedxWinterPark Event Take Place?

The newest event in the upcoming months is one of our most exciting challenges yet. Countdown. Ideas Meant to Change The World’ will take place fittingly. The exact date has yet to be announced.  Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, our team has adapted to the times and made slight changes. Namely, for the foreseeable future, we anticipate hosting a virtual event for all. This entails our selection of speakers filming themselves to provide for the event. We require pre-approved scripts and will proceed to do the final editing. TEDxWinter Park will coordinate the insertion of slides, broadcast, and uploading to the TED platform. We anticipate this collaboration to find great success thanks to the accessibility and advancements of today’s technology.

What Ideas Have Potential To Change The World?

In the name of the mission, TEDx talks follow in the footsteps of the TED objective. Additionally, TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. If you’re curious about the separation existing between TED and TEDx, you can reference our previous blog that delves deeper. You may also view an informational video explanation here. Though the foundations detail the aforementioned 3 topics, it’s far from exclusive. Talks vary on such a wide array of subjects and truly have no limit. From alternative energy to evolutionary psychology, we all have the potential to incite change in our world. Enter TedxWinterPark and you have the local platform to tune in and discover opportunity at its ripest. Though the undertaking may be slightly more difficult logistically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing is impossible. The initiative is determined to bring together academia, researchers, and scholars to exchange experiences and rouse results.

TedxWinterPark Upcoming Event Topics

Our collaboration works through speakers offering new research, ideas, stories, and fresh perspectives. We pursue how to best accelerate real change in the world through human purpose and experience. Meaningful work, wellness, joy, and freedom are always an underlying tone and theme. Moreover, TedxWinterPark is shooting for the stars and beyond. We realize the importance of investing in a vibrant and compassionate world. Awe-inspiring and truly fresh thinking, stories, and ideas are what we seek out to contribute to the people. A-list speakers frequent our platform, bringing thought-provoking ideas. More importantly, these individuals highlight broad topics such as how we live, cope, work, and thrive. Think you have what it takes? You too can become a speaker and TEDx presenter. One easy way is to keep in touch with TEDxWinterPark to stay up to date on events or you can read on to discover how to formally apply.

Interested In Speaking Or Nominating Someone For The TedxWinterPark Upcoming Event?

Many find themselves interested in delivering a talk or nominating an individual. Should you find yourself attracted to this idea, don’t hesitate to submit an application here. In general, TedxWinterPark is always happy to read submissions for future shows. Be sure to submit soon if interested in TedxWinterPark’s upcoming event ‘4321: Countdown Ideas Meant to Change The World.’ Your submission is always reviewed and kept on file. If you are not chosen to speak at this TEDxWinterPark event,  you might be chosen later down the road.  In order to be considered, your material must be complete and well-developed. As honorary, as it is to be nominated, submitting your own application, is equally welcome and acceptable. TedxWinterPark is truly committed to the focus and standpoint that great ideas are worth spreading!

The Speaker Application Process

To become a speaker, you must submit an application. The following data and materials must be sent to our team for consideration. This serves our collaboration’s ability to properly assess each applicant. The focus being on impact, profoundness, and expertise in one’s topic or field. We will collect and review the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Company Affiliation
  • Three (3) videos of speaking – two of which must be live/public speaking in a room full of people. The Final video can be an interview or panel setting
  • A Bio or CV for the Speaker
  • Specific information regarding the content/BIG idea worth spreading
  • Proposed title of the talk
  • Highlighted profound data/findings
  • The relation/link to the theme “4321: Countdown. Ideas Meant To Change The World.”
  • Identified audience and tone/emotion
  • Speaker’s resume

About TEDxWinterPark

Each TEDxWinterPark event is unique in its own way. However, TED Talk-associated videos and live speakers (usually) combine in order to spark deep discussion and connection. Upon approval by the TED brand, local and self-organized events are able to be deemed TEDx. This is where x = independently organized TED event. It is also important to know that the TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program. TEDxWinterPark and other individual TEDx events are self-organized. As an individual organization of scholarly networks combined, we will change the world. In efforts to make strides toward that mission, we continue to grow and adapt to the changing times. At the end of the day, we concur with the people across the globe feeling the call to enact change. We aspire to be a catalyst for significant change – one BIG idea at a time.