Ideas Meant To Change The World: AUG 7th 2021

Ideas Meant To Change The World

TEDxWinterPark is bringing together academia, researchers, and scholars to exchange information and share experiences and research results. This event provides an opportunity for all to network, share ideas, and discover research from a worldwide platform. Discussion on the latest innovations, trends, and practical concerns and challenges faced in these fields are also encouraged. Some ideas begin with the largest levels of intention & some are quick little ideas..but both have made impacts locally, regionally & globally. This years presenters will all be centered around this theme and could possibly be one of the ideas that not only meant to change the world, but possibly already have.

TEDxWinterPark Speaker Guidelines

In general, we are always happy to read submissions for future shows, so you can still submit.. but ONLY complete and well-developed submissions will be considered.

read our guidelines below thoroughly- BEFORE submitting.

The actual Nomination form is at the very bottom of this page.

NOTE: For the foreseeable future, we anticipate being a virtual show. This would mean speakers (if added to a show) are filming themselves (with pre- approved scripts) and we do final editing, insertion of slides, broadcast, and TED platform uploading.

It is fine to self-nominate.

We always seek speakers offering new research, ideas, stories, or fresh perspectives on how best to accelerate real change in the world, meaningful work, wellness, joy, freedom, or purpose while we all invest in a vibrant and compassionate world. Wow and truly fresh thinking, stories, and ideas are what we seek.

We feature A-list speakers bringing thought-provoking ideas on broad sets of topics focusing on how we’ll live, cope, work, stay healthy, and thrive in the world to come.

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Ideas Meant To Change The World
AUG 7th – Winter Park, FL

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