What are the Benefits of Being A Good Human?

“How should I live?”
“Should I live morally?”
“Why should I be moral?”
“Is it wise for me and my future to be moral or would I be better off being immoral, so long as I can get away with it?”

Bringing together the conception of happiness with a modern conception of self-respect, it turns out to be bad is to be a bad person, whereas, it is good to be a good person. Let’s look at some reasons why. Here are the Benefits of Being A Good Human.

1. Being Bad Is Just Bad… For You and Everyone Else

Some have come up with this misconception that being bad or immoral can be good for a person, in other words justified, especially when we can “get away with it”. There are some good reasons to think this is so not true. The most crucial reason being that being bad or immoral is self-disrespecting and it’s hard to picture yourself happy with no self-respect. Here’s one debate:

  • Being moral (or good) is needed to be have Self-Respect.
  • Self-Respect is needed to be happy

2. Furthermore, Being Good Is Need For One’s Own Happiness

Undeniably, a full defense of this reasoning requires more than can be given in a blog post, but optimistically, it isn’t too hard to see how lying, cheating, and stealing – or being immoral in general – is conflicting with having genuine self-respect.

It’s The Only Way To Have Honorable Self-Respect

We can only have self-respect by respecting who we really are. We can’t do that if we just respect some false image of ourselves. So, self-respect requires self-knowledge. And only people who can make rational self-assessments can have self-knowledge. And only fair and just people, good, moral people, can make just and fair self-assessments. (This is a very condensed description of a prolonged argument.)

3. Being A Good Human Allows You To See All The Beautifully Good Things That Hold Value In The World

Part of what makes good, good, is that it requires the good people in the world to know what is good and what is not. Bad people are bad and good people are good. Bad people have bad values and make unwise choices while good people have good values and make wiser choices. Plain and simple, good values require valuing what deserves to be valued and not giving no attention to what doesn’t.

4. A study of West Point cadets revealed that cadets with mixed motives – some selfish, instrumental, and career-oriented, while others are fundamental and responsive to the value of the job itself – do not perform as well cadets whose motives pure.

5. Being A Good Human Means Taking Good Care Of Yourself

No, it doesn’t mean be immoral and egotistical like you’re the only important being in the world, or that nothing in the world matters more than you because then you’re missing the whole point of this. Give yourself permission to “BE” better to yourself.

6. Being A Good Human Allows You To Be Passionate About What Truly Matters To You

The best part is you choose what that is to you. You don’t allow the negative things that don’t hold much value like everyday distractions like emotions, desires, and needs. It allows you complete focus.

7. Being a good human to yourself and others means you are and will be courageous in the face of danger and pain, rejection and despair. You will speak your truth to power. And it helps you to analyze risks, deceit, and take advantage of opportunities to help you be the most successful you that you can be.

8. Being A Good Human Gives Room For Your Wisdom And Experience To Expand Into Your Later Years

Deep wisdom may not be open to all, as some may simply not have the intellectual means to do so. Yet, of course, we can all be as wise as we can be. Better said as we choose to allow because this won’t happen by accident. Wise people have a knack to see into the “heart of the matter”, and this won’t happen unless we care about the things that hold value. So being good helps us to spread the right values by being humans that value the right things like having principals and making the right decisions.

9. Being A Good Human Good Means That We Are Lovers Of All Things Good And, If Lucky, We Will Be Loved By Those Who Themselves Are Good As Well

Lovers of all thing’s good means that to the best of our ability we are good at loving what is good. So, feeling good and loving what is good, is what makes them good lovers. And it’s sweet to be a good lover, isn’t it? So good lovers who enjoy what is good are more likely to be cherished in return by those who also love what is good. What could be better than being loved by a good person who is your beloved?

10. Being A Good Human, Well Above All, Just Being Good People Can Live A Truly Happy Life

Just good people are living a good life.

In conclusion, you benefit a lot more by being a good human because you will be doing yourself and the world in general a great deed. It cost nothing to hold doors and saying thank you. Furthermore, you benefit so much more because of the happiness you’d be giving others but most importantly yourself.