TED talks are talks on Technology Entertainment and Design. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re essentially inspiring short and, most importantly, engaging lectures from some of the most influential and famous minds in the world. All accessible on your trusty mobile or tablet, which means you are just a stroll away from discovering something epic. Not convinced? Challenge accepted. Here are some reasons to check them out and where to watch TED Talks.

You Will Be Blown Away With Creative Material That Makes You Think

Did you know you can watch TED Talks on the go or at home with award-winning mobile, tablet, and smart TV apps? Listen to TED podcasts for a variety of original content or use voice commands to play TED Talks on your smart speaker. While also gaining an insight into a great new thought process or experience.

One of the great things about TED talks is that for everyone there is actually something. If you’re interested in developing your life field, trying to know something new, or just trying to have a joke, you’ve been surrounded by TED talks.

You not only saw a few backs and forth before you knew it, but you’re tired working out a new strategy in speech or trick you’ve learned. You’re really recalling the knowledge with some fantastic stuff. Our next step of course benefits.

They Are Short & Sweet: Learn Easily With A Zesty Bite

TED curator Chris Anderson has ensured that most TED talks are no more than 18 minutes long. While it may seem like a long time-relative to your terrified view with the cucumber cat-compared to a two-hour lesson you may have sat in earlier that day, it’s really bitesize. According to Chris, the explanation for the length is:

“18 minutes is long enough to be serious enough and short enough to keep people’s attention.”

Just think about it. How much So much knowledge from those long lectures do you really draw in? Not so much. Look at a TED lecture and not only do you get a lift by knowing something new, but you can also really understand it. What more do you expect from an experience of learning?

TED Talks Are Free & Easily Accessible

If you have a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet, like those fail clips, there are TED talks available on every computer and totally free of charge. That means there are actually thousands of hours of inspirational material waiting for you and all you need to indulge in a few minutes of free time-18 minutes to be specific-to soak it in.

Where to Watch TED Talks

where to watch TED Talks

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Watch TED and TEDx talks wherever you are with a mobile device. Sync your account seamlessly to access your favorite talks and watch history. Play videos on your device or send it to a larger screen via AirPlay. Save talks to watch offline. The best part? It’s available in 20+ languages.

Apple iTunes

Google Play



where to watch TED Talks

Smart TV Apps

Download the TED app on your smart TV and access more than 3,000 talks for free. Seamlessly sync with your mobile account and watch talks in stunning HD. Available in 100+ languages.

Apple TV
Android TV
Samsung Smart TV
Fire TV

where to watch TED Talks

Smart Speaker Apps

“OK Google, play the latest episode of TED Talks”
“Alexa, ask TED Talks to play the latest TED Talk”

You can use Smart Speaker Apps to access the entire library of TED Talks with a simple voice command. Whether you’re a Google Home user, an Amazon Alexa user or a podcast listener, you can now play the latest TED Talk.

Learn more about TED Talks audio

where to watch TED Talks


TED offers a range of original podcasts. Stay updated with the latest episodes wherever, whenever you want. You can also subscribe to podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

Learn more about TED’s original podcast initiatives.






TED Blog

where to watch TED Talkswhere to watch TED Talks

TED Recommends

This feature selects personally recommended TED Talks just for you, based on your interests and motivations. You tell us what you like, and we’ll send you talks we think you will love!

This feature delivers the best ideas, selected just for you. Our recommendations are based on your unique interests and motivations. Add in some artificial intelligence, your watch history and ratings, and the recommendations will just keep getting better.

Watch TED Talks, and Start Making Waves

For decades, TED talks have been popular. And if you’re the sort of person who gets pumped when Netflix launches your favorite TV show several seasons, just imagine how many hours of binging entertainment you may have with TED talks. Not to mention that little pieces of free media are easy to incorporate into your day.

So take a break from your day to day and try some of these for fun with our list of inspiring TED talks today.