TEDxWinterPark TEDx Talks on Being Human

Last December, TEDxWinterPark presented it’s TEDx Talks on Being Human. The theme “Being Human” is an examination of all things that could define us as a species, while looking at the most intriguing and interesting aspects of ourselves.  TEDx Talk speakers looked inward and contemplated what it “being human” was. As a result, the TEDx Talks offered a thought-provoking and provocative look into the definition of “Being Human”. Specifically in relation to their own personal journeys.

Enjoy these TEDx Talks on Being Human. Featuring a few of the TEDxWinterPark Speakers from 2019.

Elias Piccard: “A Parents Purpose Through Any Challenge”

Elias is a NYC Queens native who moved to Florida in 1992. He met his wife days after enrolling into college. His love for barbering lead him to open his shop Uppercuts in 2003. It wasn’t until 2006 that his life changed forever. His son Elias III had been diagnosed with Autism. “A Parents Purpose Through Any Challenge” gave a heart-wrenching look into what parents go through.

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Anwar Superstar: “Know Time”

Anwar Superstar was born Anwar Khalil Prescott. He is an American hip-hop artist who began rapping at age 14 in the streets of Atlantic City, NJ. Over the years, Anwar battled MC’s across the US and even internationally. Anwar has performed alongside legends and hip-hop figures such as Lil’ Kim, B.B. Kings. He has also been on tour with  M.O.P., Pharoahe Monch, Kanye West, Common, Cormega, Talib Kweli, and Grammy and Emmy nominated artist Mos Def. “Know Time” is about understanding the process of life- from conception and on. When you’re at a certain point, its time to trust your process to better understand where you are at. The solution is now.

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Alex Berenson “Rising from the Depths of Despair”

Mr. Alex Berenson has had an established career as an entrepreneur. He has been the CEO of Kikwear, Inc., a Los-Angeles based streetwear company, cofounded in 1991. Berenson has extensive experience in running day-to-day operations of a consumer-facing manufacturing and distribution company. Inception to date sales of Kikwear are in excess of $250 million. For his next venture, Berenson has launched the startup, RECLAME Corp. Berenson will serve as the company CEO in RECLAME Corp – a 100% organic CBD brand featuring an entire line of CBD products. In the TEDx Talk “Rising from the Depths of Despair”, Berenson covers a heavier subject: his road to recovery.

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Grant Anderson: “Human Space Flight Takes Humanity with it to the Stars”

Grant Anderson is CEO and president of Paragon Space Development Corp. Recognized as a leader in the life support in extreme environments field, he has led the systems & conceptual design of multiple spacecraft under contract to Lockheed Martin, NASA, Inspiration Mars Foundation & others. Prior to starting Paragon, Mr. Anderson was the Chief Design Engineer for the International Space Station Solar Array Program. Mr. Anderson also oversees a non-profit tuition scholarship organization that provides around $250,000 of scholarships to deserving children throughout southern Arizona. “Human Space Flight Takes Humanity with it to the Stars” takes a look at the concept of “wonder” and how it motivates human beings. “Wonder” is in our DNA and this motivates us to understand the universe through space exploration.

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TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to also share a ted-like experience. TedxWinterPark has come to bring you some of the best and brightest of our community. Please be sure to catch out upcoming event in Winter Park Florida where we dive into what it takes “Being Human.” Feel free to reach out to us at info@tedxwinterpark.com. We hope to see you at our future events!