How to be a Ted Talk Speaker!

Do you want to learn how to be a Ted Talk Speaker? Inspiration is one of the many way’s humans motivate themselves and the people around them, no matter if it is their family, friends or just someone walking along beside them. If you are one of those people who love inspiring and motivating those around you, then TEDx might be the perfect place for you! Here is how you can become an inspiring speaker for TEDxWinterPark!

TEDxWinterPark Community

Here is a bit of background on our TEDx community. We are a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to inspire and spread ideas through small talks about 18 minutes long. Our Talks offer a variety of subjects such as technology, design and entertainment, business and Global Issues. TEDx hosts events all over the world and is translated in over 100 languages. Our event’s purpose is to share ideas within communities everywhere.

A Bit of research!

The first step in becoming a TEDx speaker is researching future TEDx events. This is a very important step to follow! You need to research your events ahead of time because In the TEDx process they choose the event lineup months before the actual time and date of the event. So, doing a little bit of research might help you decide which event you want to be a part of and will also give you enough time to apply and prepare for that specific event.

Types of TEDx Talks

When you are crafting your TEDx Talk, keep in mind that there are different types of TEDx Talk Formats. Here are seven of them:

Respect the TEDx talk theme

A theme is the title or tagline of your event. The theme will be able to set a specific mood and setting of the Ted talk to move and motivate the audience. TEDx talks will have a stated theme for the overall event to be based around. If you decide you would like to be a part of a specific event, your Ted Talk should also be based around this theme. The theme is important because it lets the people in the audience know that it is a topic they are interested in, a topic they might be trying to learn about or a topic they are passionate about.

Inspire and stand out!

Most TEDx Talks have a specific time open for people to join within the talks. Located on the TEDx website you will be able to issue in your proposal. One of the main keys when filling out your application is making it stand out! Standing out to TEDx could increase the chances of participating within the talk. It shows the passion and determination you have about your ideas. TEDx loves to pick speakers who will inform, inspire and excite their audience.