TEDxWinterPark 2021: Ideas Meant To Change The World

TEDxWinterPark 2021: Ideas Meant To Change The World


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TEDxWinterPark 2021 | Ideas Meant To Change The World
December 17, 2021 | 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Art Gallery at Mills Park | 1650 North Mills Ave Orlando, FL, 32803

This year’s TEDxWinterPark theme is Ideas Meant To Change The World. TEDxWinterPark 2021 is bringing together academia, researchers, and scholars to exchange information and share experiences and research results. This event provides an opportunity for all to network, share ideas, and discover research from a worldwide platform.

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TEDxWinterPark 2021 | TEDx Talk: Ideas Meant To Change The World

This year’s Winter Park events theme is Ideas Meant To Change The World. TEDxWinterPark 2021 is bringing together academia, researchers, and scholars to exchange information and share experiences and research results. This event provides an opportunity for all to network, share ideas, and discover research from a worldwide platform. Discussion on the latest innovations, trends, and practical concerns and challenges faced in these fields are also encouraged. Some ideas begin with the largest levels of intention & some are quick little ideas..but both have made impacts locally, regionally & globally. This years presenters will all be centered around this theme and could possibly be one of the ideas that not only meant to change the world, but possibly already have.

This event is open to the public.

As a TEDxWinterPark attendee, you will be a part of our live studio audience. Please note that you may end up on film. While devices will be allowed in the theater this year, we ask that those attending understand we hope to have you there and present and will request that no video or live streaming to social media occur.

Our goal is to showcase practitioners, makers, dreamers and thinkers who are contemporary and thought-provoking; who are pushing the boundaries of their own disciplines; and who are working towards a more purposeful, socially responsible future. Additionally, the event is multi-disciplinary by nature and the speakers echo the various perspectives present in our city, state, country and planet.

We are calling all change-agents to attend. Are you ready to be inspired?

Tickets are general admission and include access to the TEDxWinterPark after party.



TEDxWinterPark 2021 Speakers

William Hung

William Hung is someone who is willing to bet on himself. He was just another college kid with dreams for Hollywood back in 2004. But he gambled with his American Idol audition, & managed to become a symbol of hope for people who want to chase their dreams. Since then, he has become an entertainer, speaker, and professional poker player.

Chaunte Lowe

Chaunte Lowe is a 4-Time Olympian, an American Record Holder, a Mother of three, and a Breast Cancer Survivor. She is an American athlete who competes in the high jump. A four-time Olympian (2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016), she is the 2008 Olympic bronze medalist, the 2005 World Championship silver medalist and the 2012 World Indoor gold medalist. She is the American record holder in the women’s high jump with an outdoor clearance of 2.05 m in 2010, and holds the indoor record with a clearance of 2.02 m in 2012.

Dr Marina Kostina

Dr Marina Kostina has a unique blend of traditional education (PhD, coaching, hypnosis), and esoteric training (Reiki, biofeedback and energy healing). She is a leading biofield analysts in Chicago and scanned the auras of thousands of people all over the world. She has also collected one of the largest databases of peer-reviewed research on this topic.

As a bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and seven times winner of the US Department of Defense grants, she has been featured in such prestigious publications as Entrepreneur, WGN, Buzzfeed, Thrive Global, People magazine and USA Today, and has appeared on Telemundo and Hay House Radio, and has appeared on the cover of Russian Chicago, Women Entrepreneurs Today, and Evanston Woman.

Dr. Kostina is also fortunate to have worked with various celebrities, such as Kanye West, Lorna Byrne, Mike Dooley, and Her Holiness Living Saint Amma Sri Karunamay.

Holly Anne Mitchell

Holly Anne Mitchell is a speaker, coach, author and hypnotist in the dental industry. My life can be summed up in two words: post-traumatic growth. I moved to New York City from rural Florida at the age of 18 with dreams of Broadway. From actress, to homeless, to dental C-suite, to struggling entrepreneur, after a crisis of burnout, I found my way to hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming, which forever changed my brain, and my life. This was the catalyst to start my dental consulting firm and virtual conference.

I train dentists and their teams in mental health first aid, helping practices become more trauma aware, prevent suicide, burnout, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression with simple tools based in practical neuroscience. I regulate my own nervous system through songwriting, self-hypnosis, poetry, boxing, yoga, and long-distance running.

Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson is CEO and founder of Tax Deed Genius ™ Real Estate Expert, Coach & Mentor, and Tax Lien & Tax Deeds Investor. ​Jackie empowers her clients with the tools, resources, and the step by step guidance necessary to design their dream life by investing in real estate.  Jackie shares lessons learned from her 14 years of experience investing in real estate. She pursued her calling as a mentor, motivator and business coach to Orlando, FL entrepreneurs looking to concur and crush their goals, stay motivated, and also master the ultimate work life balance with their families.

​Jackie also serves her country as an Officer in the U.S Army Reserves and is two-time recipient of the prestigious Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM). In short, the Commendation Medal is a United States military decoration which is presented for sustained acts of heroism or also meritorious service.

Immanual Joseph

Immanual Joseph is a former cancer drug discovery scientist who chose to make compassion his life’s work after undergoing the profound experience of witnessing suffering and death at close quartersI am the founder of Compassionleaders, a company that helps organizations solve human and business challenges through compassion training. My book on workplace compassion, The Fifth Revolution, and my training curriculum, The 9 Pillars of Workplace Compassion, have been praised by experts in the field. I have taught compassion workshops globally, including at Amazon, Salesforce, Box, and HSBC.

I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Tulane School of Medicine in New Orleans and am a certified professional coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. I have authored seven books of fiction and nonfiction, as well as several high-impact scientific publications and book chapters. I dream of a world without walls, global harmony, and workplaces that empower their people to thrive.

Bikram Mishra

Bikram has an MBA in Leadership, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on management, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, and an Associate of Science. These along with his 16 years of leadership and management experience, a customer communications and management certification. Bikram has many exemplary soft skills such as being a problem solver, communicator, team player, and fluent in English, French, and Spanish all sound good. But, more importantly, Bikram has been blessed with a character, personality, and outlook on life that have been forged through trauma. He credits these blessings, attributes that anyone can obtain, for his current and future accomplishments.

Boris Garbe & Jennifer McInnes Coolidge

Boris was born in Germany, moved to Nicaragua, and then to Winter Park as a teenager. As a result, Boris speaks four languages: English, German, Spanish, and Sign Language.

Boris used his knowledge of languages when he became a teacher. He invented a way to teach Spanish through Sign Language. Allowing students to learn two languages that reinforced each other. This experience led to Florida’s first interspecies exchange between signing students and Koko the gorilla in California. This led to his move in to the art industry where he is a successful Gallerist, Curator & now producer of many top podcasts in a variety of subjects.

Jennifer “Jenni” loves her role as Director of Philanthropy for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. She is also working as a curator for the Mills Gallery in Orlando, FL. Jenni has been an arts and non-profit consultant, fundraiser, art educator, and curator working with artists and non-profit arts and social service organizations. Selected clients have included: The Center for Human Rights and Civil Liberties at University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS; Dance Alive National Ballet, Gainesville, FL; Asheville Area Arts Council, Asheville, NC; Studio 41, LLC, representing artist, Harold Garde; Matthew 25:40 in Guatemala; Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY; The National League of American Pen Woman, Washington, D.C., among others.

Matej Harangozo

Matej Harangozo is an award-winning entrepreneur, music enthusiast, and innovative technologist. He is a driver of disruption with a track record of developing cutting-edge platforms and automation protocols.

He built a company from the ground up — starting with 0% credit cards to 50-plus employees and $5 million per year in revenue at its peak. During the same time, he bought and scaled an international franchise that employed another 35-plus youth employees in the Baltimore area. A serial entrepreneur and web/software systems visionary, he is currently co-owner and managing partner of an e-commerce solutions provider.

Special Presentation: Harold Garde

American painter and printmaker Harold Garde, whose extraordinary achievements in Abstract and Figurative Expressionism, from the 1950s onwards, make a significant yet under-recognized contribution to Post-War American art.

His seven-decade career spans the New York Abstract Expressionists’ later generation of the 1950s – 1960s; turns increasingly towards gestural abstraction into the figurative, mythic possibilities of Neo-Expressionism of the 1980s – 1990s; and remains vitally inventive to present day.

Harold Garde’s major bodies of work in painting, drawing, and prints reveal his early and vigorous engagement with Abstract Expressionism as well as the persistent innovation of his mature artistic experimentation.

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